Family Custody Court

30 03 2007

ASL Vlog – Approx 5:40 Minutes Long


Talked about how Grant Laird Jr raised in deaf family battle over children custody at court for years in 70s and 80s.

Today, we still see similar problem everywhere. Unfortunately.

Grant W Laird Jr.


Hershey Family

26 03 2007

ASL Vlog – Approx 1:23 Minutes Long

Discussed about Hershey Family — the family who started Hershey candy business many years ago. They are one of the biggest candy makers in the world today. They have a town called Hershey in Pennsylvania — that’s where I heard about it when I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA.

Anyway, one of my family members said they have deaf son at one point who becomes one of the important person in family business. Yet he refused to recognize and support deaf community for some reason for many years.

Don’t know if anybody knows about this Hershey family unless it’s just another myth. I am very curious about this little piece of history — maybe you can help me out.

Did search in Google with no luck.

Grant W Laird Jr.