Email Hoax

17 03 2007

ASL Vlog – Approx 2:39 Minutes Long

Grant Laird Jr discussed about Email Hoax — specifically story about stealing someone’s kidney which turned out to be hoax. Yet many people including media (TV News, newspaper, etc.) believe it at first time and realized its fake.

Kidney Stolen Hoax Story: click here

Email Hoax still on-going problem in both deaf and hearing community. Any time you are not sure, please check hoax collection website called

Grant W Laird Jr.

ASL Interpreter at Universal Studio Park in Florida

13 03 2007

ASL Vlog – Approx 7 Minutes Long

Grant Laird Jr discussed about ASL interpreter at Universal Studio Park (with on-site interpreter) and Island of Adventure (without interpreter) in Orlando, Florida. It’s been wonderful experience for my family when we attended there during summer vacation few years ago. I think it’s nice to have an interpreter with you everywhere half-day. It’s worth — if you haven’t try it, give it a try!

Also, we did go to Walt Disney World and it was different experience. It was okay and couldn’t take advantage of interpreter service. They do offer interpreter but I think they require 2-weeks advanced which is impossible for us to plan ahead of time.

If you guys are thinking about go there, I strongly recommend you to do little homework. (Just to be safe)

Grant W Laird Jr.