Visual Alarm at Workplace

30 04 2007

ASL Video – Approx 5:00 Minutes Long

Grant W Laird Jr discussed about his experience with visual alarm (strobe alarm) at workplace. Basically he explained how much it evolved and improved over times with visual alarm at his workplace. Also, he talked about his pager which used as emergency message for drill or real one.

Does anybody have similar one at your workplace?

Grant W Laird Jr.

Treo 700wx – Use it as ISP

23 04 2007

ASL Video – Approx 1:30 Minutes Long

Note: ISP = Internet Service Provider such as cable or DSL provider (Comcast, AT&T, AOL, etc.)

Someone asked if we can use Treo 700wx or another PDA-type device as ISP at home computer if you don’t have internet access. The short answer is yes.

Will it be fast enough to run such as videophone? No, not with this device but with wireless PMCIA card (must be Rev. A) — it is possible.

Grant W Laird Jr.