MY Favorite Story

6 07 2007

ASL Video – Approx 3:31 Minutes Long

Grant talked about what happened five years when he caught her daughter fooling around with a guy thru her bedroom window. He did called policeman and got involved with this guy’s father, too! Watch the whole story and you will see what he mean!!

Grant W Laird Jr

Deaf Community: Local Issues

5 07 2007

ASL Video – 2:41 Minutes Long

Grant talked about deaf community local issues and encourage blogger and vlogger to discuss more about it other than FCC, VRS, technology issues. He truly believe that these area need more attention and find a way to help them to get better over times.

For example: Program such as Domestic Abuse, Job Assistant Placement, literacy, and all other HR services. It can be something else like deaf club, nonprofit organization, state assocation, etc.

We can make the difference!

Grant W Laird Jr.