Best Buy Store

5 09 2007

ASL Video – Approx 2:32 Minutes Long

Grant discussed about Best Buy Store (see announcement here and here) — he said that Best Buy Store contributing their employees to learn ASL in Washington DC area is a great idea! Hope other stores will copy the idea.

However, he expressed his concern if this store hire enough deaf and hard of hearing people to work at a retail level stores or even in management positions. He knew few people work at the retail level stores including warehouses but none at the management levels. They need to work on it

What’s more, he strong believe that Best Buy store including another store like Wal-mart, Target, Circuit City, that does not provide closed caption when we are looking at TV or HDTV display. This is one of the biggest disadvantages we have right now since it is very important for us to look and see, which brand have better caption quality such as font size, quality and all that stuff.

The Bottom line, Best Buy does a good job with this idea – hopefully they will expand into others that Grant mentioned. Maybe other stores will follow Best Buy Store.

TDI published a press release called Deaf and Hard of Hearing Consumer Advocacy Network Demands Fairness for Consumers Buying HDTV from Retailers. This is a must check out!

Grant W Laird Jr.

Deaf Voice

2 09 2007

ASL Video – Approx 3:11 Minutes Long

Grant talked about his own “deaf” voice — he acknowledged that he does make noise during the conversation from time to time. (Such as laughing, moody, upset, etc.) He usually don’t care when he’s chatting with friends at home, videophone, deaf club, conference, vlog, etc. but however he usually know better and try to keep quiet during special banquet, library, school, etc. You would be surprised that some of us have spooky voice even they didn’t mean to.

He knew one recent incident when he did videotaped for his friend during conference. His friend got upset and told Grant that his interview in ASL was horrible because camcorder picked up noisy from other deaf people’s voice nearby.

Does it bother you guys when someone made funny or weird voice during the conversation?

Grant W Laird Jr.