Treo 700wx & Treo 755p

31 10 2007

ASL Video – Approx 5:00 Minutes Long

Grant discussed his experience about his former Palm Treo 700wx (Windows-based) and currently Palm Treo 755p. (Palm-based) Both devices are awesome but both have somewhat differences beside operating system. (OS)

Treo 700wx’s biggest enemy is battery management – it is usually fine, as long, you do not heavily use instant messenger. Otherwise, it will last like half day. In addition, it does crash periodically. With Treo 755p, it is much simpler and better battery management. For me with instant messenger (I used Toccer), and it lasted all day with no problem.

He managed to trade his 700wx device with 755p. All is good now.

Sure, both devices have its own pro and con but apparently Treo 755p suit him better.

What do you think?

Grant W Laird Jr

Cable and FIOS

31 10 2007

ASL Video – Approx 2:54 Minutes Long

Grant discussed about his experience with cable-based ISP (Internet Service Provider) for past 12 years. He remembers clearly when local cable company name Telecommunication Inc. launched high speed internet access. Everyone was so exciting at this time.

He had cable service for years – he frustrated with their poor service from time to time and as well as cable downtime periodically. Their price structure is too high just for Internet and TV – usually over $100 a month. (Regular Internet package plan and extended TV package including DVR/HD cable box) He tried to sign up DSL service but it was not available in his area due to telephone center too far away from his house. Also, the management kept change or buyout by another companies. We had five different vendors but same service – Telecommunication Inc., @HOME, ATTBI, Comcast, and now Time Warner Cable.

Again, it was fine most of the time but time for him to move on. He signed up Verizon FIOS service for both TV and Internet. They will install sometime this week. (First week of November 2007) The Internet package is much better and faster and TV package is very attractive – they already have about 12 HD Channels plus local HD channels. (TWC has four HD channels plus local HD channels)

No hard feeling; thank you for amazing technology during that time. Time for change.

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Grant W Laird Jr.