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Deaf Community vs. ASL Students

14 11 2007

ASL Video – Approx 5:00 Minutes Long

Several bloggers and vloggers discussed regarding ASL students whether they should attend different places such as Deaf Chat Coffee, DPHH, or Deaf Club. Grant acknowledged that its difficult to provide good places for students to learn ASL better in real environment. Same times, deaf and hard of hearing folks are trying to relax and have good times. (Seriously)

He feels that ASL students should take advantage of some places like Deaf Chat Coffee because it’s family-oriented & relax environment, free admission, no smoking, and closer to home. (in most cases) has its own directory where they can contact them directly. Based on his experience, there’s always someone who’s always happy to talk to them directly.

Hopefully, ASL students will understand and respect their times. Same time, ASL teacher or instructor should look hard at it again and reconsider how students get their training properly outside their classroom. (Just friendly suggestion)

What do you think?

Grant Laird Jr

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