Dallas Cowboys will be back!

14 01 2008

ASL Video – Approx 3:00 Minutes Long

Grant talked about Dallas Cowboys. He promised that Dallas Cowboys will be back! Also, he talked about Super Bowl (present and past especially Dallas vs. Pittsburgh), and advertising with closed captioning on TV. 

See Super Bowl Advertising with CC. Click here.

Grant Laird Jr.

How to Make Good Vlog

6 01 2008

ASL Video – Approx 7:00 Minutes Long

Past couple of years, Grant received numbers of request how he create good vlog. (Or best vlog whichever fit you better.) Grant acknowledged that there’s many vlogger out there with success results. Basically, he wants to explain from his own experience and shared his tricks with you.This is for PC-based system with webcam:

  • Stick with high quality webcam (At least $50 dollars +)
  • Stay at least 1 GB memory RAM
  • Make sure you close all apps; its always helpful (Try “msconfig”)
  • Set up highest setting at Microsoft Movie Maker or whatever you use to edit your video
  • If invest new hard drive; get SATA-type instead of PATA-type hard drive
  • Do plenty of experiment before you become comfortable

Keep in mind; you don’t have to follow his way. Just be flexibility and creative. Feel free to share your suggestion and ideas with us!

P.S. He’s working on getting his own backdrop – please forgive him :)

Grant Laird Jr.