RSS Reader Updated

17 02 2008

ASL Video – 3:19 Minutes Long

Grant discussed about RSS Reader program – he wondered if anybody still uses it today. He still use faithfully with – it serve him very well. Last time many DeafRead fans discussed in 2006, there’s small numbers of people actually use RSS Reader faithfully while everyone else trying to understand what it is all about.

Many 3rd party services such as, and even have its own feeds. Also, Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 and Firefox 2.0 have its own RSS Reader or can plug into 3rd party such as Bloglines.

It’s been more than one year later, grew bigger along DeafVideo.TV and others. Do you guys still use it regularly? Did you change for better program? Did you actually give it up? Give us your feedback.

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Grant Laird Jr.

Tech News #1

16 02 2008

ASL Video – Approx 5:00 Minutes Long

Grant discussed tech news of the week – few things he mentioned in his vlog plus some of his personal comments…

  • Yahoo! Company rejected Microsoft’s $44 billion takeover.

  • Microsoft is acquiring Danger, maker of the T-Mobile Sidekick for $500 million.

  • Starbucks ended its Wi-Fi (Hotspot) partnership with T-Mobile in favor of one with AT&T.

  • Netflix announced that it would begin to phase out HD DVD rentals in favor of rival Blu-ray discs. 

  • Google released software development kit for its open mobile platform called Android.

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Grant Laird Jr