Pin Number

23 03 2008

Grant talked about pin number or password that you have one on your Sidekick, Blackberry, Palm and others. Often it is not default enabled, you need to set it up and use it ALL THE TIMES. It is for your own protection! He explained few reasons why it is so important to have pin number / password — it is not just about privacy, its a lot more than that. It could be useful when your cell phone lost, they cannot abuse it. And few others… Read on! Grant Laird Jr.

Scam in Deaf Community

23 03 2008

ASL Video – Approx 3:03 Minutes Long

Grant discussed about scam issues (all kinds) in Deaf Community. He said everyone need to be extra pay attention when it comes with a large sum of money from stranger or even good friends. It doesn’t matter if they are from outside US or your neighbours.

When in doubt, ask your friend, family or co-workers!! Do not be afraid!!!

Grant Laird Jr.