Cell Phone Scams

30 06 2008

ASL Video – Approx 3:39 Minutes Long

Not too long ago, Grant discovered hidden premium fee on T-Mobile (Sidekick II) thru monthly statement online. Same thing goes with his Sprint Treo 755p, unfortunately.

Grant probably lost few hundred dollars because he’s not paying attention to statement carefully. He looked up Google and discovered that he’s not alone. Many people got scammed out of it, too. He may get some money back but who knows.

This is real example at http://myluvcrush.ca/ and others — you can look at it but do not put your cell phone number on it. It will automatically take small fee from your cell phone bills.

Once a while, please check your statement online (or mail out) from time to time. It shouldn’t be that hard to notice when there’s hidden fee in it. (price difference, etc.)

Does anybody have similar problem as ours?

Grant Laird Jr.