My Father’s Funeral – One Year Later

7 02 2011


My father's funeral – One Year Later

Note: I wrote this letter last February 2010 but never get chance to publish till now…

Approximately, two years before our father passed away, dad told us that his cemetery was taken care of. Dad even talked to us few times over time that it’s paid for. We don’t have to worry about funeral expense. We all believed him – no reason to doubt with his father. He usually took care his business with no problem in the past.

Here’s what really happened.

When dad was on vacation in Pittsburgh two years ago – he apparently decided to go through a cemetery where dad’s mother buried many years ago. His father, his aunt and his sister went there together. Dad and aunt signed paperwork including payment plans. (Both of them)

Wrong. It’s almost a month since dad passed away. Youngest brother and Grant have learned so much about the funeral home and cemetery. The whole paperwork that dad signed was just for cemetery itself. (Vault and digging) Of course, we did not know much about it – completely clueless. Until Grant and his youngest brother came to funeral home and had the meeting with a funeral director for four-hour – thanks to his brother who help interpreting whole time.

We may never know why our father thought funeral expense paid for, but it wasn't. It was our expensive lesson. Make sure it doesn't happen to you!

What’s not part of cemetery are embalming/preparation, visitations, transportation, chapel, plot, death certificates, obituary notices and casket. We try to avoid any unnecessary expense like the flowers, longer visitations and fancy casket. However, it’s still expensive because we had two visitations. (One in Texas and one in Pennsylvania)

We want to thank everybody who gave us cash donations – all of it will go to funeral expense and misc. See a list (below) – thank you for all helps! 

Clean the house – family members
Program Book – Cousin
Foods – family members and friends
Beautiful presentation – Uncle
Flowers – friends and family members
Interpreter – family members
Website/Facebook – Cousin
Food at Pittsburgh Deaf Club – Aunt, Cousins, and friends

By the way, director at funeral home (Texas) told us that anybody can pre-plan arrangement early. We would save a lot this way. For example, cremation package, only $30 a month for 10 years or burial package – only $70 a month for 10 years. However if this person died within 10 years, it’s paid for automatically.

Please share you funeral home experience with us!

Thank you!
Grant Laird Jr. and family members

Good place to understand & prepare for any funeral – see two links below…

P.S. Dad, I love you and miss you very much!

Grant Laird Jr.