Build Big Garage Shelves

22 05 2011

2011-05-20 00.43.27


Over years, garage is full with stuff. My wife and I finally had garage sale last month and we need better ways to store stuff. (Hint: room for saw table in near future) I finally did garage shelves last two weeks. (Little by little due to my crazy work schedule) I think it looks awesome!!!

With some ideas from several different website on garage shelves and I made some adjustment because I want it to be full wall to wall as you can see in those pictures.

7 ½ wide (wall to wall)
8 ½ height from concert floor to ceiling
3 feet on all four tiers (only two in middle that have wood planks on it)

I don’t care about original wall itself, old paint, holes and others. I build shelves just like that. All three wall sides — I used 2 ½ screws to attach the 2×4 studs wall inside. For outside 2×4 stud parts, I used Kreg jig to support each other. It works very well.

I decide to use 1×4 wood planks to create shelves for middle two tiers. It’s easier to do this way than install plywood. However, I probably will install plywood on top tier but I haven’t decided yet.

Bottom part is 3 feet height, plenty for stacked two boxes and others. Middle two tiers are more of smaller boxes and other odd stuff. Top tier is more of used for ladder and other long items.

I am pleased with it!! What do you think? See 34 pictures slideshow via Flickr – Click here.