Deaf Coffee on SigNews newspaper

8 04 2006 mentioned on Signews newspaper last March 2006 Edition.

Since they don’t publish on their website anymore. I’ve scanned it so you can view it. It is easy to start up your own one in your area. Read DeafCoffee FAQ and find out how!

Click to read article –> DeafCoffee #1 and DeafCoffee #2

Also, check out few more about deafcoffee that I wrote in the past in this blogsite. Click here.

Grant W Laird Jr.

SIGNews does it again!

5 02 2006

SIGNews article

SIGNews does it again! They did 2005 reviews on January 2006 edition and they mentioned about our company. It’s very nice!! Click paper clip to view bigger one. Sorry about quality.

If you haven’t seen original article by SIGNews about us — click here to read full article.

Grant W Laird Jr.