Family Custody Court

30 03 2007

ASL Vlog – Approx 5:40 Minutes Long


Talked about how Grant Laird Jr raised in deaf family battle over children custody at court for years in 70s and 80s.

Today, we still see similar problem everywhere. Unfortunately.

Grant W Laird Jr.


Doctor called me Deaf and Mute when I was Little Boy

18 03 2007

ASL Vlog – Approx 1:50 Minutes Long

Grant Laird Jr discussed about his deaf father who got upset at doctor — he wrote "deaf and mute" on paperwork back in 70s. What my dad is request nicely to remove it — doctor refused. He got upset and tear paperwork…

I was maybe 5 or 7 years old at this time. I can’t help it but I still remember it after 30 years later. 

Grant W Laird Jr.