Multimedia Desk

15 05 2006

Multimedia desk

This is something I have in mind for long time.

I remember my father helped me make “homemade” computer desk years ago. It was so cool back then. Few months ago, my friend got used commercial type desk from store and it was awesome. It gave me some ideas where I can do similar for less.


Home Depot and Lowe’s are perfect place to shop around. Lowe’s are only one that offers several different color on countertop such as green, black, tan, etc. Home Depot only offers one color. I got tan colored 8-feet countertop. They also have 4, 6, 8 and 10 feet countertop in stock. I drilled two holes on it where all wires can goes there.

I got a pair sidebar template. It was relatively easy to install – I had to use iron to heat it and it get attached to sidebar. It’s only $15 dollars.


We did look at wood-type cabinet for around $125 dollars but it required stain paint and craps. However we saw nice metal 2-drawer cabinet at Sam’s Club for $82 each. We got two of them. Office Depot and Staples have them too but they are over $100 each however they carry all colors while Sam’s Club only offers putty type ones.

I spend about $250 on this huge multimedia desk – plenty room for 2nd person to sit next to me.

2 – Hirsh 2-Drawer Commercial Vertical File (putty) – $82 each plus tax
1 – Countertop type (tan-marble type) 8-feet long – $70 plus tax
1 – Pair of sidebar template (color matched) with extra wood and nails – $15 plus tax

What do you think? :)

Grant W Laird Jr.

Phishing Scam

30 03 2006

Phsing ExampleGeez! Damn phishing…

I just got this one at my Outlook today. It’s funny because I jsut ordered something from few days ago. Lucky, I looked at it carefully since we all knew it happened a lot already. I wrote more about it last year. Click here to read.

I simply looked at link and it popped up yellow with real link address. Bingo!

It’s not even that close to address – it goes to some russian link. Sigh.

Click image to see bigger version.

Grant W Laird Jr.