CSD in Dallas

1 03 2006

Last August I wrote a story about how CSD office started an office in Dallas for videophone outreach service. It took us about five years to success bring CSD in Dallas before they launched its own office in spring 2003. We were very happy we made it possible.

Unfortunately, they shut down office in Dallas last December 2005. At this time, words spread around quickly. It is not secret but of course, many people disappointed with their decision. They laid Kathy Walters off who work at this office for about two years. I did not say much about it for while because I was trying to put all pieces of stories together for this blog.

Personally, I have never thought they would shut down the office. CSD claimed they are downsizing but I was told by someone else that Sprint stopped the outreach contract. It doesn’t matter – the point is our deaf community still wants CSD to come back for real service — not something like this outreach service.

Good news, the advisory committee (almost all same people since August 2005) wants to fight back. They are working on it right now – yes, it is pretty much starting all over again.

At this point, I don’t know what committee’s agenda right now but I am sure they will come up strategy. One thing I know – they want to invite Ben Soukup (CEO of CSD) to come over here and have meeting with him.

However, I am not sure if we should bother to bring CSD back again after they tried and failed to start up human service basically. Maybe it is not really because those – maybe it is low priority to CSD top management. Who knows?

Same time, we can even start one without CSD. I realize that it is very challenge to start up one in Dallas & Fort Worth area due to another numbers of organizations like DAC and GCD.

Oh yeah, we have Sorenson VRS center in Arlington (between Dallas and Fort Worth) plus Lifelinks VRS (rumors) may start up one in here in near future. If CSD is willing to reconsider again, they better act fast before it gets harder later on. I know that interpreter agency is always one of biggest roles in many organizations these days. (money maker)

I will keep you posted. 

Grant W Laird Jr.

Quit Smoking

23 01 2006

Congrats, Uncle Paul — it is better late than never!!

The last year date of January 27, 2005 was the day was most important decision of my life. It will be exactly one full year that I made finally great decision after long of forty two (42) years to stop SMOKING on cold turkey.

It was amazing when I first tried to stop it by looking at it, cigarette in my between fingers. I said it to myself, "what a life I had with you for many years, so long pal" I thought it was just kidding myself, probably few days to quit and then go back again like I did many times in these years. So I placed this cigarette back in pack and left in garage shelf where I usually smoked there.

This pack never moved where I had it 12 months ago. Its still there now. I really proud of myself on this decision without any aide like patch, gum, chinese puncture or doctor order prescripton.

The cost of pack of cigarette forty two years was only twenty five cent. Compares today is about $2.50 to $3.00. I would have save lots of money if not smoking but not only that it would be better health wise too.

I have little lungs problem with short breath. Took lots of exerising to keep it open and clear. I am breathing a lot better now.

There was no strict and prohabit anywhere at all when people were allowed to smoke anywhere. Smoking in doctor waiting room, hospital lobby, airplane, train, trolley bus, movie theater, with ash trays all over without single complaint.

People have no idea how bad was it back then.

I have had lots of good, bad and ugly stories about myself with smoking habit. I would love to share with anyone or group whose wanted to hear and learn about my experience of smoking habit.

I could not image how I felt being for not smoking for almost 365 days after steady for 42 years. It was truely amazing!

Thanks for sharing the celebration with me today!

Love and Hugs, Paul

Grant W Laird Jr.