Cool Special Effects with ASL

10 03 2007

ASL Vlog – Approx 4:00 Minutes Long

A lot of cool special effects in this video just for fun with ASL!!


Grant W Laird Jr.

Logitech Video Effects

6 03 2006


Nah! It’s so much fun with your webcam and Logitech Video Effects software. It’s free and it comes with several Logitech desktop or notebook type webcam.

In fact, I got Notebook Pro webcam free by LifeLinks VRS. Since it comes with goodies — why not play with it just for fun. You can do different video effects such as alien, shark, terminator, mustache, glasses, crown, etc.

Only one bad thing — it doesn’t support hands since video effects only work with facial — I couldnt signing in alien or shark. (Avatars) With terminator, glasses, mustache and few others face effects will do just fine since you can see my hands. It sucks.

Same time, you will be able to talk to friends or VRS operator with this cool video effects. I did showed it to several friends and they think it’s cool, too.

I noticed it is not perfect and you would have to move little slow than normal so it will work better. Plus, you need to have well lighted area whenever you make the video.

Click here to view full video – click here. (ASL only — no subtitle, sorry)

Grant W Laird Jr.