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3 12 2009

ASL Video – Approx 6:28 Minutes Long

Grant was Netflix member for about three years. During the recent time when Netflix announced they will not offer captions on its streaming service for another couple year. Many people quit Netflix for good. It took him a while to make the final decisions to put Netflix account on hold. Strangely, they will not let him put an account on hold, but he could put it on hold for three months not on hold permanently. Netflix has very good members' comments on all movies – it helps him decide to rent this movie or not.

He got free 30-day trial with Blockbuster Online (BBO) through Twitter. BBO announced they would look into adding captions on their downloadable movies service. Later, BBO emailed him that they extended his free trial account until the end of December. Very nice.

Desperately he has only been with BBO for a month; he saw significantly difference between BBO and Netflix in many different ways. BBO has more services including rent DVD and Blu-Ray (no extra charge) discs, rent or buy downloadable movies, rent game discs, and of course you can drop discs at local store. (Depending on what package you pick) While Netflix only offers DVD and Blu-Ray (extra charge) and its streaming videos service, they have very fast delivery in comparison to BBO.

BBO has listed for closed captioned and subtitle but it’s often inaccurate. Sometime it doesn’t list anything at all. Very poor in this area.

Grant used Redbox service from time to time. It has its own advantage and disadvantage. Generally, it's pretty cool service and cheap – one of his biggest peeves is waiting for somebody to finish with Redbox kiosk in line. Sometime it will take them 10 minutes to pick couple movies. He just wants to drop DVD immediately and go, but he cannot do that. Of course, it’s not that bad after all. Another thing is – a very limited selection of movies unlike Netflix and BBO. What's more, Redbox do not show if the movie has caption or subtitle on the kiosk touch-screen menu. He already reported to Redbox about it few weeks ago.

From time to time, he noticed several DVD movies from Netflix or BBO do not have caption/subtitle. He would check at, or to double check if it really has caption/subtitle or not. However, he noticed that retail box has caption/subtitle but not takes it too seriously until “Up” DVD released.

Due to the recent incident that deaf community got upset that Disney Pixar "Up" Rental DVD version does not include the caption/subtitle but retail box version has it. Again, this is not first time he saw it. One of the articles confirmed that Disney knew they remove all special features including caption/subtitle for a marketing reason.

Via Marlee Matlin's Twitter account: Spoke with Disney execs. Will restore Missing "UP" captions on DVD rental versions- a manufacturer error.

Oh yeah, in case you did not hear about HR3101, please tell your representative today! You can find more information under COAT. Go to

Grant Laird, Jr.

Order Eyeglasses Online

16 11 2009

ASL Video – Approx 4:42 Minutes Long

Grant discussed his experience about ordering RX eyeglasses online.

Have you try it before? Pro and con?

Also, you can view his video via DeafVideo.TV and video comments.

Grant Laird Jr.