White Noise / Four Brothers

11 03 2006

White Noise Movie PosterI finally get to see some good movies – too many crappy movies in the past.

Few days ago, we added HBO and Starz package on our cable line-up – there’s on special promotion deal for whole 12 channels of those two premium for $30 extra a month for three months deal. It comes with HD format version on HBO (one) and Starz (one).

I finally get to watch movie called White Noise on HBO-HD last weekend. The quality of the movie is awesome and it does caption.

The White Noise storyline is also interesting. With proper equipment, you will have ability to view and listen “portal” thru recording on audio and/or video. They used equipment called Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) – that’s how they were able to communicate with them. Especially you can see what will happen next few minutes or they will be killed.

There’s actually a website at http://www.eeavp.com where they dedicated to EVP stuff. Serious stuff – like in White Noise movie, they said it is similar to Ouija and you shouldn’t mess with it at all.

Four Brothers MovieAnother good movie we watched last weekend – it’s called “Four Brothers”. I enjoyed it very much – it reminds me a lot like Boyz N the Hood movie. It’s about 4 “adopted” brothers (two white and two black) who want to revenge for killing their mother by so-called gang in Detroit area. This is a must see movie.

Grant W Laird Jr.

Misty’s Surgery – More details

17 12 2005

Staples removedI have attached 2 pictures; one with my 29 staples being removed on my mid left backside, other picture is what my spine was taken right after surgery was done. It will be there permanently.

Back X-ray - amazing!The procedure is called a left thoracotomy for L1 corpectomy and fusion with instrumentation. The L1 which was fractured and compressed spine was removed and inserted a rod with fusion, He inserted titanium bridge on T12 and L2 to keep L1 rod in place permanently.

For more detailed information on my procedure, click that website

I hope you found it very interesting!  Happy Holidays!!!!

Misty Laird

Grant W Laird Jr.