White Noise / Four Brothers

11 03 2006

White Noise Movie PosterI finally get to see some good movies – too many crappy movies in the past.

Few days ago, we added HBO and Starz package on our cable line-up – there’s on special promotion deal for whole 12 channels of those two premium for $30 extra a month for three months deal. It comes with HD format version on HBO (one) and Starz (one).

I finally get to watch movie called White Noise on HBO-HD last weekend. The quality of the movie is awesome and it does caption.

The White Noise storyline is also interesting. With proper equipment, you will have ability to view and listen “portal” thru recording on audio and/or video. They used equipment called Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) – that’s how they were able to communicate with them. Especially you can see what will happen next few minutes or they will be killed.

There’s actually a website at http://www.eeavp.com where they dedicated to EVP stuff. Serious stuff – like in White Noise movie, they said it is similar to Ouija and you shouldn’t mess with it at all.

Four Brothers MovieAnother good movie we watched last weekend – it’s called “Four Brothers”. I enjoyed it very much – it reminds me a lot like Boyz N the Hood movie. It’s about 4 “adopted” brothers (two white and two black) who want to revenge for killing their mother by so-called gang in Detroit area. This is a must see movie.

Grant W Laird Jr.

Legend Howard Hughes

12 02 2006

Aviator Movie PosterI had opportunity to watch Aviator movie with Lenoardo DiCaprio as Howard Hughes. It is 3 hours long but it is very good. I must admit I didn’t know anything about Hughes himself till now.

He owned Hughes Aircraft, Hughes Medical Institute and as well as many properties.

The movie itself mostly about his lives but it did not cover last part of his lives before he passed away in 1974. This is where he purchased several hotels in Las Vegas which they basically brought out all mafia during that time. Mafia was controlled multiple hotels back then.

Howard Huges on TIME MagazineWhy is he so interesting? He was already multi-millionaire but he happened to be very good entrepreneur – he’s willing to risk to meet his dream. He did amazing things before he get older. Unfortunately, he has OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) which made his lives more difficult as he get older. Perhaps other things too — alot of details at Wikipedia.

I don’t want to go into more details about him or the movie itself. You just have to see this movie for yourself.

Howard Robard Hughes Jr. (December 24, 1905 – April 5, 1976) was at times an aviator, an engineer, an industrialist, a movie producer, a playboy, an eccentric and one of the wealthiest people in the world. He is famous for building the Hercules airplane, commonly known as the Spruce Goose, and for his debilitating eccentric behavior later in life.

To learn more about him, go to Wikipedia.

Grant W Laird Jr.