Dallas Cowboys will be back!

14 01 2008

ASL Video – Approx 3:00 Minutes Long

Grant talked about Dallas Cowboys. He promised that Dallas Cowboys will be back! Also, he talked about Super Bowl (present and past especially Dallas vs. Pittsburgh), and advertising with closed captioning on TV. 

See Super Bowl Advertising with CC. Click here.

Grant Laird Jr.

Matt Hamill – Deaf Fighter

3 06 2006

Matt Hamill playing at UFC Ultimate FightingI’ve always enjoyed watch UFC – Ultimate Fighting on SpikeTV channel and I was surprised that there’s deaf man playing right now. His name is Matt Hamill. Email me if you want this video.

Of course, I didn’t say much about him on my blog lately till I get to see it myself on TV. I got opportunity to watch Matt fighting with another guy. It’s interesting to see how they played. Matt did alright – could have done better job if he didn’t have his elbow hurt at all. He had to go ER after game is over – he was either going pass out or just overdid himself. We won’t know the results till next week.

Two deaf bloggers talked about Matt Hamill frequently – Check it out! Ridor & Kokonut Pundits.

Check it out. Also, there’s summary article about this episode. Another article – click here.

Grant W Laird Jr.