Congratulation: Pittsburgh Steelers

6 02 2006

Steelers Fans!Congratulation 
Pittsburgh Steelers won Super Bowl XL!!

Since I have DVD recorder, I was able to tape whole game included pre and post Super Bowl activity. It is about five hours long including advertising. I figure I can re-look at some cool advertising and find out which advertising that doesn’t offer closed captioning.

Of course the quality isn’t that great since it compressed five hours on one DVD. I am still happy with it.

Did you know you can watch the Super Bowl real-time results on their website? It’s awesome – it wasn’t like few years ago. Look at screenshot #1 and #2. Fancy!

My uncle and aunt born and raised in Pittsburgh and now live in Florida for many years. Take a look at picture – they are still die-hard Steelers fan!! Thanks for the picture!

I am not exactly die-hard Steelers fan but I am happy they won Super Bowl XL. I will be always Dallas Cowboys fan :)

Grant W Laird Jr.  

Deaf Strongman

15 01 2006

Strongman lifting huge tireNorth America Deaf Strongman (NADS) Games is coming soon!

You probably have seen Strongman games on ESPN channel. I watched it few times and it’s very interesting.

No matter how big (bodybuilder or big guy) you are, its matter of strength you have. Believe it or not, you don’t have to be bodybuilder to enter if you are big and strong enough to play this game.

Those strongman players will play few games like pulling truck, tire flip, log lift, 18 inches deadlift, atlas stones, much more. It is hard than you think – trust me!!

We now have our own NADS which will give deaf and hard of hearing men and women opportunity to play for fun and prizes. Of course, the best thing you will be able to communicate with each other easily. It is no different between this game and other deaf sports.

NADS already got few strong sponsors line up – if you know someone who could sponsor this new NADS, please contact them directly at

If you know someone who is big or strong, tell them about this exciting program. Tell them you find out from my blog. Maybe I should participate – maybe not. Hehe…

NADS website: go to 
Mike’s Strongman blog: go to

Grant W Laird Jr.