Gallaudet Protest: Mixed Feeling

14 05 2006

According to Teri Sentelle’s ASL website, she explained very good comparison between deaf and hearing world in her ASL video. I realized I am not alone — I had mixed feeling about it too. You have to understand that I raised in both worlds. I am sure that many of you are in same situation as I am.

I will always respect you no matter what and you should respect me, too.

To view her ASL blog site about it, go to: (Gallaudet President Who?)

Also, there’s already heated discussion from hearing users’ prescriptive at their blogsite.

Grant W Laird Jr.

Gallaudet Protest: Day 10

10 05 2006

Protest is probably one of the most effective tools today. This is exactly what FSSA is doing right now whether they did right thing or not. As long as they meet their expectation, they have chance to win this one.

I’ve been reading many website, articles, photos, and videos past few days. What’s more, I am not one of those “FSSA” people, so I really can’t speak for them. However, I am outside and I can see both sides pretty clear now. I know that many deaf people have bad experience with Jane. I think that’s what hurt her the most.

I saw one-on-one interview video (Eyeth Studio) and it was very good. I was able to see her side too. I can see that Jane is not frequently in ASL but it doesn’t bother me. Basically, both sides are doing okay – now what?

It is like they are shooting each other till one of them give it up. Only time will tell us.

Sure, it’s going be interesting to see how it goes on next few days. I just hope they both will resolve it as soon as possible to avoid damaging Gallaudet University in long run.

Grant W. Laird, Jr.