Send a Message to the Future You

29 09 2005

I think it is pretty freaky or cool depending what you are thinking :) will send e-mail you compose at a day and time you request. Use it to remind yourself of an upcoming dental appointment or anniversary. Or write a letter to yourself about where you are in life and postdate it a year or five into the future. I’ve been using FutureMe for a couple of years and have found it very useful. 


Grant W Laird Jr.

MyWebEx PC

19 09 2005

My webex PC logoMyWebEx PC is the only remote PC access provider to offer a free and secure remote PC work solution that’s easy to set up and use.

Use MyWebEx PC to: 

  • Access – Use your office & home files, programs and email from anywhere 
  • Travel – Access your home & work PC with ease 
  • Telecommute – Work on your office PC from home

MyWebEx PC gives you the ability to access your PC anywhere, anytime for FREE. Conveniently access your files, programs and email whether you’re at work, at home, on the road or on vacation. Instant remote control of your PC whenever you need it.

They are absouletly free. They have paid version (more feature & support multipe PC) but I think free edition is sufficient for most of you guys. Look like they only support Microsoft Windows but it also support both IE browser and Firefox browser. (Sorry, Mac)

I have one now and it’s awesome. It’s perfect whenever your on the road with laptop. Very easy to install on remote PC and dont need to install anything at other site. Just go to their website and hook it up.

Check it out!

Grant W. Laird, Jr.