Thank you, TAD!

25 06 2007

ASL Video – Approx 3:06 Minutes Long

Picture of Grant Laird Jr along TAD President Steve Baldwin and NAD President Dr Bobbie Scoggins

He took pictures (over 500+) and some video during Texas Association of the Deaf Conference on June 21-23, 2007 in Arlington, Texas. He also talked about The Golden Hand Award by TAD and NAD.

He expressed thank you to TAD/NAD and everyone! He was so speechless when he received the The Golden Award. He was so busy taking pictures whole time.

To view all TAD Conference 2007 pictures, click here. You will see five different breakdowns: Thursday, Friday daytime, Friday evening, Saturday daytime, and Saturday evening. Will let you know when video is up online.

Picture: Grant Laird Jr (middle) along TAD President Dr. Steve Baldwin (right) and NAD President Dr Bobbie Scoggins. (left)

Click picture to view bigger picture. Enjoy!

Grant W Laird Jr.

New Officers at TAD

11 06 2006

Texas Association of the Deaf (TAD) announced new "management" and trying to get back in action after quiet period for sometime in past 12 months or so. Sure, they have long way to go but they have my 100% support :)

Effective: June 11, 2006

TAD has new board members who will be serving until the 2007 TAD Conference. They are:

Steve Baldwin – President
Steve Mooney – Vice-President
Kathy Walters – Secretary
John Mills – Treasurer
Larry Evans – Board Director
Gertie Galloway – Board Director
Keith Sibley – Board Director

Submitted by Kathy Walters – 

To view announcement via DeafNetwork – Click here.

Grant W Laird Jr.