How to Improve Your WordPress Blog & Vlog

11 04 2008

ASL Video – 11 Minutes Long

Workshop at WordCamp 2008 – Dallas

Credit: John Pozadzides –

How to improve your own wordpress website with many tips:

  • Add printer plugins – this way it will print perfect post this way rather than print whole crappy with themes in it on your printout.
  • Updated profile/picture – yes picture of yourself!!
  • Add links on footer; i.e. or one of your favorite link.
  • Add MyBlogLog – you can sign up at
  • Add Top Commenters on sidebar – use your widget to put up there
  • P-Metrics? Check it out!
  • Add Amazon advertising with your own reseller account
  • Use tags!!
  • Check out Viddler – supposed to be better quality video
  • Check out Woopra – (beta version)
  • Use hyperlink with several words instead of 1-2 words
  • Email Subscription – RECOMMENDATION!! (subscribe2 plugins) — FeedBurner is also good optional
  • Select partial RSS Feed instead of full
  • Open comments all the times; do not require register
  • Submit your post at – its free
  • Use FastStone program for optimize & resize pictures. its free!
  • Use WP Super Cache plugins – better loading and speedy
  • Add image on every post; at least one rather than boring text only; Try
  • No begging!!
  • Donncha plugins – designed for no zone advertising for preferance visitors (interesting suggestion here)
  • Stick with better and/or best tools such as webcam, avoid cheapass equipments
  • Use unique name for each images — use fire_house_dallas.jpg instead of img0001.jpg
  • Check out more cool info at OMB plugins list here

Feel free to make comments what you think of this tips to improve your WordPress. Again, I haven’t try them all — it may be necessary for you to do little further research by yourself.

Updated 4/12/08: More details about WordCamp Dallas where I attended such as video and pictures – check it out!

Grant Laird Jr.

Pin Number

23 03 2008

Grant talked about pin number or password that you have one on your Sidekick, Blackberry, Palm and others. Often it is not default enabled, you need to set it up and use it ALL THE TIMES. It is for your own protection! He explained few reasons why it is so important to have pin number / password — it is not just about privacy, its a lot more than that. It could be useful when your cell phone lost, they cannot abuse it. And few others… Read on! Grant Laird Jr.