10th Anniversary: Little History About DeafNetwork.com

13 12 2007

ASL Video – Approx 8:00 Minutes Long

Grant talked how he originally started Deaf Network website 10 years ago. (November 1997 – Present) Before he signed up new domain, he used free webpage service under local ISP. Also, he was lucky to learn some HTML codes (Using Notepad) from his friend at job. Of course things are slow but very exciting at this time.

Remember at this time, Netscape was very popular so does AOL and Google was nothing but baby. Dot-Com has gone crazy. Each domain cost $35 dollars – it is very expensive compared $10 per domain today.

Back then, they had few clients such as Merritt Interpreting Service, Deaf Celebration, Jean Massieu Academy, Dallas Deaf Club, and Deaf Action Center. They are important part of his dream – feed information such as events, announcement and others to community yet it’s all free.

You will see how ugly our website was before and it kept get better and better.


Deaf Network of Texas mailing list started off with 300 subscribers and it grew over 3,000 subscribers today. It’s been amazing experience – he will never forget that many people think is email is crazy and stupid. But he saw it full of opportunity for deaf community.

He never dreams it would continue that long but he plan to continue as long as demand is there. He’s blessing to have wonderful supporters, advertisers and fans over years.

Grant Laird Jr

Laughter is the best medicine

19 09 2006

Exclusive! Entertainment! Exciting!

I want to introduce our newest website called DeafJoke.TV where we will collect deaf-related stuff. This way you don’t have to look around for one or wait for your friend to forward to your inbox. Sorry, we will not post R-rated stuff.

We do offer email sign-up where you will get email every time we posted new one. Of course you can add it to your RSS Reader if you like. It is powered by WordPress.

  • Joke Video
  • Comic Strip
  • ASL Poetry Video
  • ASL Storytelling Video
  • Text Joke
  • ASL music and/or song
  • Much more!

If you want to post your stuff, please email us at info@deafjoke.tv and we will get back to you ASAP. It is not required to used Google Video or YouTube, we can support pretty much anything you have to offer us. Also, if you need help how to upload video or need additional information, let us know!

In long run, we will try and add more features such as rate it for each post. If you have any suggestion, let us know!

Basically, we all could use some good laugh. Don’t you agree? :)

Finally, I want to thank my cousin Patricia Germundson for helping out with this exciting website.