Where can I find more Deaf-related Joke Video?

10 09 2006

Where can I find more deaf-related joke video? It can be famous joke, cool ASL expression, ASL short story, etc.

Note: I am pretty sure that someone else can tell this joke in ASL better than I do but you get the idea :)

Recently I saw this recent funny video from DeafNewspaper.com about Ken showing off fake woman’s body t-shirt inside his button shirt to his friends thru videophone. This is perfect example.

It would be nice if someone (anybody) create blog style (WordPress, for example) with new deaf-related joke posted once a week. It would be awesome!!

Is anyone working on it? Feel free to copy my idea. If you need help developing blog-style website, contact me and I will be more than happy to help you get start.

To watch this video from my server: Click here; to view YouTube account, click here

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Google Video vs. YouTube

2 09 2006

The more I’ve done vblog for my blogsite; I’ve learned few things.

Let’s talk little about Google Video and YouTube accounts. Basically, I like both programs – no questions about it. I think Google Video display looks little clearer on all of my videos than YouTube.

Also, I noticed that YouTube doesn’t accept over 100mb video even it’s less than 10 minutes. That’s what happened to one of my recent video about “10 More WordPress Plugins” which only 6 minutes long but it is little over 100mb. If you upload any videos thru Google Video Uploader (standalone; small program; require for over 100mb) instead of uploading online, it will take few days to approve. It’s silly but that’s something you have to prepare little ahead of time.

I still create all of my videos on both services as long as it accepts within their requirement. Why? It reaches more people and different kind of geography around the world.

I noticed that Jared prefer to use Google Video (mostly) while Lenois prefer to use YouTube (mostly) then finally Joey Baer stick with higher quality, mov format video.


Of course, it would be even better if you view it from my own server. It is very much higher quality but many times deaf people told me it did not work! Especially on Firefox and Opera browsers – I felt that Google Video and YouTube is more compatibility on all browser. It is also benefits to Mac/Apple deaf users since I heavily use AVI format which uses on Windows Media player.

In general, I still see blog owner would use either YouTube or Google Video which is good. Best of all, it is free service. You still should use video from you server anyway. (higher quality)

To view video thru YouTube, click here or to view video from my server, click here.