T-Mobile G1 Phone (Google)

30 03 2009

 ASL Video – Approx 5:16 Minutes Long

Grant discussed about newest cell phone called T-Mobile "G1" Phone based on Android technology.

Of course, every phone has its own pro and con including G1 phone. He feels that this phone is going get better and better over times. Gmail is awesome and easy to use.

One negative about it — vibration is not strongest at this time but he feels it can be fixed easily. He’ve contacted couple Android developer about it. We will see how it goes next few months hopefully.

If you have G1 phone, please share your thought with us!

Note #1: According to DVTV, Grant mentioned about $35 a month unlimited (data plan) — Again, T-Mobile doesn’t offer unlimited data plan without voice package for this device yet but if you are on family plan, you can add G1 phone for only $35 a month unlimited. Yes, it is unfortunately.

Note #2: Click HD if you want to see better quality of video.

Grant Laird Jr.

Deaf Dog and DeafNetwork.com

28 01 2009

Grant received this email last September 10, 2008 but he did not get chance to post till today. Enjoy!

Note: DeafNetwork.com operated by Grant Laird Jr and Crazy Technologies LLC

Hi Grant, I wanted to thank you for helping the rescues by posting the deaf and special needs animals in your website. I knew I could count on you when I got involved in the animal rescue network. You have also helped find homes for the special needs animals that were in Animal shelters or rescues needing homes. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! We could not have done it without your help.

Thanks for being the special friend,
Julie Laird – Matthews

Grant, I applause for your website to help deaf doggies find homes!! It means alot to me due I am pulling my hair every time I receive any email that deaf pup or dog needs a home or is at kill shelter. See my deafies at www.petfinder.com/shelters/GA343.html. You see the green hearts are deaf or special needs who need homes. If you don’t mind to spread out about deaf pitbulls are very sweetest and playful.. They are great companionship to be with.. Can communicate with sign hand commands or read body language like we do.. If you have any questions, please email me at crazypaws@tmail.com or deafpaws@yahoo.com

Cathy Miller Deaf Dog Rescuer Save A Life!!
Adopt A Deaf Dog or Cat!!!

Read the stories here: http://www.readlarrypowell.com/ .THE DOG GETS A BREAK: We’re starting with a good story.

Early in August, we got a note from Monica Ailey of Homeward Bound Animal Rescue about a deaf pit bull facing a ticking clock in the Bridgeport Animal Shelter.

Things looked pretty bad. A week passed and nothing happened — Monica stayed in touch with Carol Ward at the Bridgeport shelter and it turns out the staff there was pulling for Malcom, the dog.

Late last week, as the holiday and the hurricane approached, we got a note from Monica about Malcom’s new owner picking him up. "I believe she is also deaf and ha a hearing dog," Monica wrote.

She also wrote, "Not sure how Malcom’s info got to the Deafnetwork.com but however it happened, it was a miracle. I think it had to be from one of your readers maybe. … He had three angels in his corner working hard to keep him alive."

It is obvious from these photos that Malcom has already established a connection with Terry Lovelace, his new human. "They look like they have a close connection and understanding for each other," Monica writes. "I love it! This is why I do rescue. Some days I wonder why I put myself through this every day, but THIS is why!"

Monica included Terry’s e-mail regarding this dog. "I found out about Malcom through  903malcfacetowardcam08 (click to view picture – Deafnetwork, " she explains. "I said to myself, ‘I’ll be damned if they put him to sleep No one wants him because he’s deaf! I told Malcom, ‘I understand. I myself have been through the same thing (not being put to sleep!) but not wanted or thought good enough due to my deafness.

"He is a sweetheart. My daughter’s dog, Lucky, was giving to her by a homeless man who couldn’t care for her. So, now those two dogs are playmates.

"Malcom is my first deaf dog." 903odie08 (click to view picture) There you have it, folks, one more way that people can make a connection to an animal if they’ll just take time to think about opening up parts of their heart to an animal in need.

And, here’s a reminder: Malcom wasn’t the last dog or cat in the Bridgeport shelter. Click HERE to see them. That’s year-old Odie, an owner-surrender Chihuahua. He needs a friend, too.