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25 09 2004

a1wireless logoI didn’t call very next day but I did call A1wireless toll phone line on following Thursday late morning. I got someone to answer phone and explained that I am doing follow-up call per their request from last phone call.

It didn’t take that long – they said it’s already been shipping out and I should notify by email anytime now. I told her I haven’t notified yet – she insisted that I will get it eventually. I finally got email at approximately 3:00 PM with FedEx track number in it.

I should get it sometime by Monday.

I did talk to a vendor where I purchased from and he agreed to forward my concerns (blog web link) to his a1wireless direct contact person about their service. Hopefully they will correct it. No apologize from them or satisfied feedbacks that I could contribute about their service where they can continue improve such as BizRate.com.

Grant W Laird Jr.

Is a1wireless.com really good?

22 09 2004

I placed an order for T-Mobile Sony-Ericcson GC79 PC card last Friday via one of the reseller online (unnamed) under www.a1wireless.com. No problem.

One hour later, I got confirmation email from a1wireless with all details and order number where I can check again for order status. I’ve never heard from them whole weekend. It’s no big deal. Following Monday, they called and left message on our answer machine. My daughter had to deliver the message for me – said that I need to call back to confirm the order.

On Tuesday morning, I called a1wireless.com and the line seems always busy. I’ve tried again number of times during the day. I finally got someone at 5:30 PM – I gave them my T-Mobile Sidekick number so they can add 2nd account under it.

What puzzle me that they did ask for my T-Mobile password – I was kind of speechless then finally told her that I don’t remember my password. The operator said no problem and asked me to call back in four hours. Sheesh!

Well, I did it per her instruction and made phone call at about 10:00 PM. Now, I kept getting busy signals. I called again at about 2:00 AM and for first time I receive automated message saying that they open at 10:00 AM and close at 11:00 PM. Sigh!!

Meantime, I still haven’t chance to confirm my order via a1wireless.com. I talked to couple of friends and they agreed with me that they should never ask for password. Also, they may be hard to reach because so many people calling them plus they don’t have automated answer message except during closed hours? Why not do it all on email. Whatever. I think they need to work on improving their customer service!

Anyway, I will try and call them again today :(

I blogged about Sony-Ericcson GC79 PC card last week.