Freeware with procedure for Windows XP

26 04 2006

My friend told me about this website with wealthly resources and full of freeware information. He was right, it was worth to check out. Go see for yourself – Click here.

I did go thru "Diagnose X" procedure and found out there’s more that I did not know about. One of them – I like Ccleaner program where it helped clean out all junks. (not apps or documents) When I did this, it removed over 600mb on my laptop!! I only had this laptop for six months. Best of all, it is all freeware.

There’s list on their website – I didnt get chance to go thru everything but I figure you should check it out! It is all for Windows XP.

  • Optimize XP
  • Secure XP
  • Diagnose XP
  • Driver XP
  • XP Games
  • XP Media
  • XP Myths
  • XP Requirements
  • XP Secrets

 Go to: 


Grant W Laird Jr.

Instant Messaging Netiquette

24 04 2006

Deaf Community has depends on Instant Messaging more than anything else except email these days. Big time.

I remember AOL first launched “buddy list” for its members only. I was not member of AOL but I thought it was so cool. Later on, AOL decided to open outside AOL – I immediately signed it up but I can’t find anybody to chat with. I knew many deaf people are members of AOL. I did grabbed them and start chatting with them. Of course, they got freaked out. Heh.

aim_logo.jpgOf course, AOL Instant Messaging (AIM) became instantly popular everywhere. It did not take them long to figure it out – they started offering AIM via cell phone. I had Nextel cell phone (not full keyboard mobile) at this time. I got exciting that I was able to communicate with my friends and family via AIM on its 10-keys pad. It works like charm.

It’s almost 10 years (I think) and almost every deaf and hearing people has one by now. What’s more, many of you guys have multiple AIM screen name for different reasons. I do have few screen names myself such one for work, one for mobile, etc.

Now, we can use IM to make relay phone call. We also can use it to get information such as directory or ask for help. We even can use it to make video call. (not perfect tho) It’s amazing.

Right now, I think many deaf people (not all of them) did not realize that they are not netiquette sometime. They often left their IM overnight. It annoys me because if they are on IM, they are available for chat. If they are away for while, its okay to have “away” message. However, if you’re going bedtime or get off from work, please do logoff your IM. Sometime you forgot, that’s okay – it happened to me sometime, too.

A lot of people do have weird screen name, some of them are easy to recognize and some are clueless. I had to ask who is this frequently because I am old man – I can’t remember it all. I know some people have screen name something like “x1did99yb” – geez!

If you don’t know what IM Netiquette is, it is time for you to learn. There’s good information online where you can read and get familiar with IM Netiquette. We also have Email Netiquette, too – check it out!

Why am I bring it up now? This is your refresher :)

The Basics of Instant Messaging

  1. Instant Messenger is Not Real Communication.
  2. IM Etiquette and Sundry Interpersonal Matters.
  3. All About Acronyms.
  4. On Cybersex and IM Hookups.
  5. So, You’re Away.
  6. The Secret Life of Personal Icons.
  7. Random Pointers and Other Remainders.

Grant W Laird Jr.