Don’t Cut My Relay Communication Service

25 06 2006

Dont Cut VRS rate - front pageFew days ago, I got this big brochure from VRSCA organization. (funded by Sorenson) Basically, they are trying to protect VRS rate just like all other providers right now. I am not sure when FCC will announce the final decision but if it is not too late, you can do your part right away.

To learn more about VRSCA organization, click here and to view video clip about it – click here.

To view brochure front page – click here.

To view brochure back page – click here.

Grant W Laird Jr.

Cancel AOL account

24 06 2006

MSNBC - Cancel AOL accountThis is perfect example – it is totally unnecessary to have hard time closing your account. I remember I had similar problem when I called some place like Comcast or T-Mobile. They can be unbelievable sometime.

This is a ridiculous. I hope AOL and others will wake up and do it right thing next time!

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Grant W Laird Jr.