Politics of Hope

13 08 2007

ASL Video – Approx 4:00 Minutes Long

Grant talked about his friend name Tom Caiazzo who ran for congressman in Texas District #3 during year 2001. (in vlog, he said 2000 – it should be 2001) Tom approached him thru DeafNetwork.com website and invited Grant to be part of his Caiazzo for Congress campaign committee. In long run, Tom did not win election — he lost to many years re-elected Republican Congressman Sam Johnson.

How did he have interested in deaf community first place? He has a deaf brother and he knew some sign language. We did have campaign booth during Deaf Celebration 2001 (click here to see picture) and it went very well. Grant’s responsibility is to get more deaf and hard of hearing to get involved and of course, to vote for him.

Early this year, Tom told him that he wrote a book about his experience with running for congressman. He told Grant that he was mentioned in his book. He ordered a book and got it today. It was so goose-bump that Tom still remembers him back then.

To learn about his recent book called Politics of Hope: A Failed Strategy – Click here.

It is amazing experience, indeed. What about you guys?

Grant W Laird Jr.

So Loud During Landscape Duty

6 08 2007

ASL Video – Approx 3:00 Minutes Long

Grant discussed about his experience when he worked for landscape company. He didn’t realized that it’s annoying to other people (hearing co-workers) when he did edge/trim or weed-eating equipments because it was so loud. It also eat up blade or string so fast, they didn’t like it — so they moved him back to mowing only.

Same thing at home when he mowing and edge/trim — he faced same challenge but there’s nothing he can do about it.

Does anybody notice same issue, too? Just wonder…

Grant Laird Jr.