Spider-Man 3 Released Same Day with Captioned

11 05 2007

ASL Video – 3:29 Minutes Long

Grant W Laird Jr talked about Spider-Man 3 movie which released last week – he was impressed that captioned available same day as Spider-man 3 movie released.

He also talked about little about Insight Cinema (Open Captioned) and Rear Closed Captioning.

In case you never check out Fomdi website, it is a must see for anybody who want to go theater and watch movies with captioned.

Grant W Laird Jr.

Samsung DVD-HD860 won’t display closed captioning

17 09 2006

Couple of my friends purchased DVD player with up-conversion in it. They recommended it to me to get one. I finally got it last weekend and they were right. It’s awesome!!

Basically, Samsung DVD-HD860 DVD player will convert regular DVD movies into 720p or 1080i resolution which makes the screen looks more of HD quality format. (more colorful, too) I still keep my old Sony DVD player and I can see big difference between both players.

It just brings you more enjoyment to watch movies and you don’t need to wait for HD-DVD / Blu-ray DVD movies or hardware. This DVD-HD860 device will do just fine.

I used HDMI cable to hook it up and it works like charm. Note: Get HDMI cable at Wal-mart for $33 dollars. Best Buy or Circuit City sells it for $89 and up. What a joke!

One bad thing about it – they blocked whole things including closed captioning. Good thing we have subtitle so I am not too concerned. I already emailed complaint to Samsung – maybe they have solution for it. We will see.

Many manufacturer do offers it such as Sony, Pansonic, others but I really can’t tell if they will work ok with closed captioning. Many retailers doesn’t even have live demo to see it. If you happen to have one of these, please let me know.

To view video from my server – click here or to view from youtube, click here.