Did you vote today?

10 11 2006

Vote Today (11/07/06)

Ever since I registered, I’ve done my part by vote frequently over years. I never forget that I actually vote for Ross Perot who tried to run for US President years ago. I still think he would make a hell of good president.

Anyway, I remember my father always talked about political stuff when I was young. It is healthy and fun to discuss this stuff regularly but what’s interesting about it – my dad never actually vote or even register at all.

What’s the deal? I may never know why.

Closed Captioning on Political Commercial TV

I definitely don’t understand why majority of campaign commercial do not offer captions at all. I know I wasn’t paying attention to TV commercials much these days because I almost always use Digital Video Recorder (DVR) which allows me to skip all commercials. However, many of those videos also on website and again, it don’t offer caption or even transcript.

Do they really care about our deaf community?

Governor Perry

Congratulation, Governor Perry won the election. I am not big fan of Perry however I was always been mixed of Republican and Democrats personally. Hmmm


Louisiana and Texas Don’t Mix

20 02 2006

Ever since Hurricane Katrina hit Gulf coast hardest last year, it impacted so many things – you hear about it all the times on TV, news online and other things.

According to Anderson Cooper 360 Blog, Did Katrina evacuees bring more crime to Houston?

Even they are being careful what they said (political reason) on the article but you will see plenty of people’s comments that it do cause criminal up since Katrina evacuee came into picture. I really don’t think it is one side thing – it takes both side to cause all kind of problems.

City of Gretna (Near New Orleans) did smart thing by block the bridge to keep Katrina evacuees coming in. Sure, they got heated up for doing it but did they do right thing? You can read more stories about it here.

It is very much unfortunately. I can feel their pains because I definitely wouldn’t want to see criminal goes up in my area (Dallas) too. Even it’s not that far from New Orleans or Houston. It’s only five hours drive. They believe that it does affect many another cities such as Dallas, Austin, etc but I didn’t see a lot of headline about it lately.

Personally, I met a gentleman who happens to be my interpreter one time while ago. He is one of those Katrina evacuees and he told me about it. He lost his house and everything. He had to start over like getting new car, new clothes, computer etc.

He acknowledged that Dallas is so different than New Orleans. He and his elderly parent live together in apartment complex for time being. He already got part time job fast. He’s lucky that interpreter is high demands in here. (And elsewhere, I am sure)

Amazing. Sigh.

Grant W Laird Jr.