Save Your Conversation

28 05 2007

ASL Video – Approx 3:54 Minutes Long

Grant Laird Jr talked about if you do save your conversation with your friends thru AOL Instant Messenger or do you save your conversation thru videophone with VRS or friends?

Bascially he asked couple deaf lawyers about it few years ago and it raised some interesting discussion. Right now, there’s really no law to prevent anybody to record the conversation however there’s few states that it is illegal to record conversations thru audio such as phone in general (Specifically hearing folks) — does it apply to deaf community too?

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Grant W Laird Jr.

Relay Service Online

28 05 2007

ASL Video – Approx 2:29 Minutes Long

Grant Laird Jr discussed about relay service online (web-based & text-based online) — as far as he know there’s only eight different providers that offer it. Do you know any other that also offer relay service online? Also, not all providers have same service like AOL Instant Messenger-supported; some of them work with flash-based and other used java-based programs. Only 2 or 3 that offers TTY-support at no extra charge or small fee.

To read full relay service online list, click here.

Grant W. Laird, Jr.