Setting Up MCE 2005

10 05 2007

ASL Video – 4:23 Minutes Long

Grant Laird Jr talked about his experience setting up Microsoft Windows XP – Media Center Edition 2005 on his computer and how he struggle to set up with HDTV antenna.

If you are very familiar with MCE 2005, please let him know. Thanks!

Grant W Laird Jr.

Internet Explorer 7.0 vs. Firefox 2.0

6 11 2006

Have you try Internet Explorer 7.0 and/or Firefox 2.0 yet?

Both browsers are pretty good – not whole a lot to offer from old version. One of the biggest changes in both is RSS built-in however I will stick to my Bloglines as my primary RSS Reader.

Many experts believe these browsers will push more people to try out RSS feeds.

About security and patches/bugs, no matter what they said; It will be never 100% safe – always surf with cautious. They will be likely need to upgrade from time to time which is normal. I will stick with IE7 as my primary browser.

Opera 9.0 is very nice, too. It’s free as well. They released this version couple of months ago.

What do you like best about these newer versions?

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